Registry Services

Keeping track of, and communicating with, security holders is a critical capital markets function.

Link Group operates its global registry business under the Link Market Services brand in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Germany and the Middle East, and under Link Intime in India and PNG Registries in Papua New Guinea.

We actively manage and maintain the registers of more than 2,000 issuers, representing more than 30 million shareholders. In Australia and New Zealand alone we administer more than 7 million shareholders on the registers of over 1,800 securities, including many of the region’s largest companies, together with unit registers of more than 250 funds managed by some of the world’s largest investment institutions.

Our services incorporate core register maintenance, treasury, meetings and capital markets services, as well as multi-channel investor communications. All these services require exemplary project management. We are renowned for our industry-leading integrated reporting and analytics, which we deliver through miraqle, a web-based platform which enables companies to most efficiently manage their interactions with the capital markets.

Link Group has an uncompromising focus on utilising technology throughout our business, not just to streamline and automate the processes that underpin our service offering, but to maximise outcomes for our clients and their security holders by driving online self-service. Our services broadly comprise:

  • Register maintenance – our core business includes the secure maintenance of the ownership records of our clients' securities, structured products, warrants and managed funds, as well as supporting these asset owners with the day-to-day administration of their holdings.
  • Treasury - our treasury teams calculate and manage the payment or reinvestment of dividends and distributions for hundreds of issuers. We also seamlessly manage trust accounts, undertake tax reporting, provide bank reconciliations and control unclaimed monies.
  • Meetings - the efficient execution of our clients' General Meetings is critical. Our specialist meeting services teams plan and manage all aspects of these meetings, including voting by proxy or in person.
  • Corporate actions - our dedicated capital markets teams specialise in delivering high-intensity projects that require the simultaneous execution of multiple work streams. Our demonstrable experience is underpinned by a track record of consistent innovation with the use of online tools to maximise shareholder engagement and participation in corporate actions.
  • Reporting & analytics - timely and accurate reporting and analytics add clarity to the nature and behaviour of our clients' security holders. It enables us to measure the many initiatives we proactively run for our clients, to deliver meaningful and sustainable efficiencies in the management of their registers.

Link Market Services is also a member of the Global Share AllianceOpens in new window, formed in 2011 as a worldwide network of registry and financial service providers. The alliance delivers integrated capital market, registry and related services to international companies listed on multiple exchanges. Its members manage in excess of 55 million shareholder records on behalf of over 8,000 corporations worldwide.